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Kronos Wallet


Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Kronos is a multi cryptocurrency wallet and app supporting Denarius (D), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Denarii (ARI), with Decentralized Encrypted Chat!

Kronos Bitcoin (BTC) Crypto Wallet


Kronos Wallet is a BIP39 Seed Phrase Wallet that features support for multiple cryptocurrencies including Denarius (D), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Denarii (ARI), and is being developed to support more in the future!

Kronos Wallet has you covered.

BIP39 Seed Phrase

Kronos Wallet derives its addresses from your BIP39 compatible seed phrase

256-bit Entropy

Kronos can generate you a BIP39 seed phrase, it is generated with 256-bit entropy

Open Source

Kronos is licensed under the MIT License, entirely open source, no 3rd party

Safe & Secure

Kronos uses the latest and industry standard practices for security

Decentralized Chat

Kronos features totally decentralized chat which you can send and receive crypto

LAN Server

Kronos runs a LAN server for you locally to access Kronos anywhere

Windows, macOS, Linux

Kronos can run in your local browser on mobile and is designed to fit all device sizes

Constant Development

Kronos is developed by Carsen Klock, an experienced blockchain developer

Kronos Denarius (D) Crypto Wallet


You are no longer constrained to a 3rd party for cryptocurrency funds, Kronos utilizes the latest ElectrumX, BitcoinJS, and EthersJS technology to bring together all popular cryptocurrencies into one easy to use wallet. Your BIP39 seed phrase is generated via 256-bit entropy (the highest possible in the industry) encrypted with modern security and industry standards. 


Decentralized & Encrypted

  • Instantly send Denarius (D) to other users
  • Anonymous Encrypted Messages
  • Nothing is stored or saved
  • No centralized server
  • True peer-to-peer messaging
  • WebRTC and BitTorrent Technology
  • Private Messaging (PM)
  • Banning of other users (Ban)
Kronos Decentralized P2P Chat

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